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a single blue flower on a white background
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a single pink flower on a white background
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a bunch of plants that are on top of a piece of paper in a glass case
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the wall is covered with many different things
collection of seed pods
an assortment of nuts and other things on display
many dried flowers are on the table next to some cards and other things that have been placed around them
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several different types of flowers on display in a white box with old writing and papers
Instagram photo by errer • Jul 10, 2016 at 7:33am UTC | Herbario de hojas, Cuaderno de recortes artístico, Diario de la naturaleza
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an assortment of dried flowers and leaves on a sheet of paper with notes attached to them
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an open box filled with lots of different types of leaves and seed pods on top of a white table cloth
1909 flower specimen Antiques, Vintage, Jar, Borden, Specimen, The Bell Jar, Botanica
1909 flower specimen
a large pink flower sitting on top of a table
SOICHI OSHIKA Camellia Japonica
an image of some flowers that are in the air with long stems attached to it
a dried flower sitting on top of an ice block
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SBG totally digs this idea of freezing whole flowers with stems and leaves.
a single rose is sitting on top of an ice block that has been placed in the dark
I love this photograph of a frozen rose, to me it represents growth and nature frozen in time, along with looking like a powerful piece even though its a simple technique, this has been made more powerful due to the way the photographer has taken the picture
a flower is placed in an ice block with water and leaves on the bottom, as if it were floating or floating
Frozen roses #5 - "Violent & Still" by Thinh Dong