Creepy japanese urban legend. Hanako san is a girl who haunts the school toilets.

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Kuchisake-onna is a creepy japanese urban legend. This woman will ask you if she's pretty, then stab you to death unless you...

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It is said that there is a real car that is possessed and considered malignant. It is a limited edition of a Dodge 330 1964 dubbed GoldenEagle.

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The story of Charlie no face, from urban legend to reality!

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Gloomy Sunday: is this song really causing sucides? Listen to it and find out the truth

Nattram: was this swedish rock star psycho enough to chop off his hands and having pork stumps sawn instead?

La Pascualita is a bridal mannequin or the mummified corpse of the owner's daughter?

There is a lost episode of "The Simpsons" called "Bart Death", in which Bart dies following an accident.

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Mercy Brown was a child who was believed to be a vampire and the responsible for a few deaths, because of the mummification of her body.

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