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La Pascualita is the name given to a bridal mannequin in Mexico. According to the legend it isn’t a dummy at all, but the dead daughter of the former owner.


La Pascualita, mannequin or corpse? - Emadion

Giovan Battista Rini was an Italian surgeon, expert in embalming. He is famous for using a particular technique of embalming called "petrification".

Giovan Battista Rini the Salò petrifier - Emadion

(Italiano) 7 strani usi delle mummie che non sapevi - Emadion

The bog bodies are mummies preserved in the peat bogs, often found in northern Europe, Great Britain and Ireland.

Bog bodies - Emadion

5 among the best preserved mummies of history

5 among the best preserved mummies of history - Emadion

Ma'Nene –The Indonesian festival of the dead, which is celebrated ... by exhuming them! - Emadion

In Costa Rica da qualche anno una ditta di pompe funebri organizza funerali non convenzionali. Il defunto è imbalsamato e partecipa al funerale.

The deceased attends his own funeral ... embalmed - Emadion

Liber linteus is a mummy found in Egypt, wrapped in bandages with unknown alphabet

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Rosalia Opening Her Eyes

mummies Archives - Emadion

mummies Archives - Emadion