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Doris Bither was an American woman at the centre of a great mystery and the most documented paranormal event in history.


Doris Bither, the woman raped by a ghost - Emadion

matusita house is located in Lima, Peru, and many legends are linked to it. It is said to be one of the most haunted houses in the world


Matusita house, the most haunted one in South America - Emadion

In Italy there is a Villa named Villa Clara. It takes the name of a girl who is said to be buried alive in the villa by his father. Her ghost can be seen.

(Italiano) Il fantasma di Villa Clara - Emadion

The jinni, often translated as “genie, is a supernatural creature from the pre-Islamic and Muslim culture. They are almost always associated with malignancy

The Jinn (or genies) - demons from Islam - Emadion

EVP, voices from beyond (with audio!) - Emadion

There's a wedding dress on show in a museum, which belonged to Anna Baker whose father forbade her to marry. It is said that the dress moves within its case

The wedding dress of Anna Baker - Emadion

The haunted house of the Smurl family. They lived with a ghost for 10 years

spirits Archives - Emadion

This is the message left from a poltergeist to the family living in "his" house.

The poltergeist of South Shields - Emadion