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There are many stories of haunted dolls: they are said to host children’ spirits. The story I will tell you today is that of Pupa the Italian possessed doll

Pupa, the possessed doll of Trieste - Emadion

Letta is the name of a cursed doll. It is said that the spirit of a child lives inside her.

(Italiano) Letta, la bambola posseduta - Emadion

Mandy is a Canadian doll which is said to be cursed. Many strange things happen when she is around.

(Italiano) Mandy, la bambola maledetta canadese - Emadion

Apparently Peggy doll has nothing special: blond hair, blue eyes and a bow in her hair. There is a particular though, would be possessed.

Peggy doll possessed: if you look at heart attack risk - Emadion