McKamey Manor is a haunted house. The difference is that a tour can last more than 4 hours and is so intense that before entering people must sign a release

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The Sutherland family was made up of father, mother, a son and seven daughters. The seven Sutherland sisters became famous for their amazingly long locks.

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A Swedish woman of 37 whose name was not revealed, was arrested in September 2012 for having had sex with skeletons. Her house was full of skulls and bones.

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Some fishermen in the Philippines saw an abandoned yacht: inside they found the mummy of a man. The last time people had heard from him was 2009.

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Harold Gillies was born in New Zealand in 1882 and studied medicine. He is now it considered the father of plastic surgery and sex change

Since mid-October the Japanese have found of "ghost ships" off their coasts, full of rotting corpses, some of them beheaded. Others only contain skeletons.

Peng Shuilin is a Chinese man who in 1995 was the victim of an accident that caused him to lose his lower body. He now measures 78 cm.

Eugenia Falleni changed its name in Eugene Falleni and lived as a man. She was arrested for the murder of her wife after she had discovered her true identity.

Ehsan Abdulaziz is a 46-year-old Londoner. The fact happened in 2014 but became known last month, perhaps because of the trial for rape he was involved in.

Throughout history zoos have not only been famous for animals, but also to exhibit human beings. Human zoos were built in various cities.

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