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Baby serial killers

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Most evil baby serial killers in history

Jon Venables and Robert Thompson killed a 2-year-old boy just for fun

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In 2006, 3 members of the Richardson family were killed. The murder was committed by their 12year old daughter and her 23-year-old boyfriend Jeremy Steinke.

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The murder of James Bulger was one of Britain's most shocking one, not only for how the victim was killed, but also because the killers were 10 years old.

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14 years old boy, Sakakibara, killed 2 elementary school boys

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Amarjeet Sada è ritenuto il serial killer più giovane del mondo. Ha cominciato a uccidere all’età di 8 anni e le sue vittime erano bambini di pochi mesi. Amarjeet Sada Amarjeet nasce nel 1998 a Mushari, in India, in una famiglia povera. Si sa poco della sua vita, ma il bambino è diventato famoso dopo il suo

Seito Sakakibara is the nickname used by a fourteen year old Japanese boy, guilty of having tortured and killed two children in elementary school.

Eric Smith, 13 years old, killed a 4 years old

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