New Year Japan

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there are many bags on display in front of the store with text overlay that says where to find fukibukuro
Tips To Buy a Fukubukuro
three trays filled with different types of food and the words what japanese eat on new year's eve
Japanese Foods To Bring You Luck for the New Year
three different types of macaroni sitting on top of a wooden tray with the words how to make mochi without microwave
Easy Recipe for Mochi (Without Microwave!)
the cover of mochi traditional and easy recipe for the japanese new year, with chopsticks next to it
Mochi tradition and microwave-free recipe for the Japanese new year
a plate with some food on it next to a tea cup and chopsticks
An Introduction to Wagashi: Beautiful Handcrafted Japanese Confectionery
people are standing around in front of a large red lantern at the entrance to a temple
Things You Will Regret Not Doing in Japan on New Year's Eve & Day
what's kagami mochi? with the text overlaying it
Kagami Mochi to Celebrate the New Year Japanese Style