Sono i miei lavori pubblicati nella mia pagina facebook "Elladecorazioni" creazioni handmade .
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three decorative vases sitting on top of a white shelf next to a mirror and other items
Mercury Glass d decoupage
a painting of a woman with yellow flowers in her hair
Earl Christy
Earl Christy
a white table with flowers on it and the word aldecoronii written in cursive writing
the letters are painted with flowers and leaves on white paint, along with blue tiles
an old mirror is sitting on top of a table
an egg with gold designs on it sitting on a white tablecloth next to a wall
a painted egg with an image of two people on it
an ornate painted egg with gold trimmings and blue paint on the outside, sitting on a white surface
an egg with a painting on it sitting on top of a table
an egg decorated with white flowers and red bows on blue fabric background for congratulations card
an oval photo with a santa hat on it
a painting of the virgin mary holding a baby in her arms with an inscription on it
a painting of white flowers on a blue background with words written in latin and italian