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“Il carrubo è chiamato anche legno cornuto. I suoi frutti sono nocivi allo stomaco, donde Galeno ritiene che sarebbe stato meglio fossero rimasti nelle regioni della Siria che portarli nei nostri paesi”.  Dal codice “Historia Plantarum”, fine XIV secolo

"Historia Plantarum", Milan, Italie, text: Pedanius Dioscoride of Anazarbos AD), images: Giovannino et Salomone de' Grassi (ca.

Керамическая флористика Олейник Юлии

Red Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) Plant Identification pages from our book Foraging & Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook by Dina Falconi; illustrated by Wendy Hollender.

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Organisms derive the majority of their energy from the Kreb's Cycle, also known as the TCA cycle. The Kreb's Cycle is an aerobic process consisting of eight definite steps. In order to enter the Kreb'…

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ORISTANO, Antiquarium Arborense

ORISTANO, Antiquarium Arborense

Pros and Cons of Coffee Consumption. Can we just talk about the fact that the word eSpresso is spelled with an "X"???

Pros & Cons of Coffee Consumption Infographic. Most people just think of the energy aspect, but when you go to and start adding all sorts of cream and syrup there are major added calories, sugar, and fat! Keep it simple and actually enjoy the part.