I love this anime so much!!!! I feel so sad it has ended!!! Why did it have too end?!?! They are the best couple eveeerrrrr!!!! I think it will never happen sadly.. But I hope it will continue or an new anime basic on the old one but the new thing that they are adults and go married and maybe child's with a bit of drama? That would be so cool.. But sadly that won't happen I think..

"Se guardo gli occhi tuoi ne quali poi si specchiano i miei"

Kodocha - Sana and Akito - Anime

Please READ the Description: Title: Kodomo no Omocha_Open Love_Amv - Sana & Akito Made by: Vasiliki Apollon Anime: Kodomo no omocha Couple: Sana and .

Kodocha!!!  oh Akito....your perverted ways never cease to amuse me ^^

oh Akito.your perverted ways never cease to amuse me ^^

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Kodocha, Akito Hayama - One of the main (Also most loved) characters in Kodocha