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A mix of Country and Gypsy Style - Free Shipping - The 'Country Girl' - by SandySueSunshine

P I N K "Please click photo to save the blogger. I'm doing some major cleaning to my boards. With over 400 boards and been on here since the beginning of Pinterest. I've accumulated a lot of stuff and some are bad links. So please don't follow or like, just go to source till I'm finished. Thank you." Quote by Blonde in Pic. 05/20/2014

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Corral Brown/Turquoise Dhalia Cowgirl Boot $207.95

Daria Pilnitskaya by Zoltan Tombor for Grazia . . . knew she wasn't a real cowgirl. But ask me if I care. . . .

Every pair of cowboy boots I like are super expensive. Very annoying! In 5th grade I had red cowboy boots. Guess I have always been awesome.

Cowgirl up!

....except for that lame-ass rope. Not sure what one does with a whimpy-ass rope like that. Oh ..... I've got an idea.

Cowgirl Chic western wear, country living. I have those pants, that belt, that saddle, I just need that adorable button up