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Ingrandisci Sonia By Sonia Rykiel - Collant a righe

Ingrandisci Sonia By Sonia Rykiel - Collant a righe (this screams Wizard of Oz to me for some reason)

food art !

For a time, Arcimboldo painted portraits in Prague in the court of the Holy Roman Empire. Here is a portrait of Rudolf II, the Holy Roman Emperor at the time, painted as Vertumnus, Roman god of the seasons.

Fashion food design.

Salad Dress Hey there green fanatics! Push your organic-sustainable-veggie-lifestyle in the overdrive with the Salad Dress, created by Sara Hillenberger. No pollution, no child labor and no animals where hurt making of this dress. Its a utopian green

A sikh in India

30 Meters of Turban – Julie Hall Photography. Pic of a Sikh. His turban is long. Baptized Sikhs don't cut their hair since it's a gift from God.cEverything he wears or carries has symbolic significance re his duties and obligations as a Sikh.