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Alternating Kettlebell Bottoms Up Cossack Squats into Kettlebell Halos
Core With Dumbell Exercises
A great exercise for the core with dumbbells is the dumbbell Spell caster, Straight arm crunch, Side bend, Plank arm raise, Side bridge.
The gluteal muscles and the quadriceps (thigh muscles) [📹 workout_athletics]
❌The gluteal muscles and the quadriceps (thigh muscles) are among the muscles that are important in many sports and athletic activities. The reasons why these muscles are crucial for professional athletes and the risk of injury is high in these muscles are as follows: 1. Power and performance: The gluteal muscles and quadriceps are heavily involved in strengthening and supporting movements related to jumping, leaping, accelerating, and changing direction. Professional athletes in activities such as volleyball, football, basketball, and sprinting require increased power in these muscles. Therefore, having strong and healthy muscles in these areas is crucial for better execution of movements and improved performance.
❌Why is muscle training important?👇 [📹 workout_athletics]
Simple Home Workout To Be Snatched!
Low-Impact Morning Pilates Routine That Will Tone & Burn Fat
No Equipment Back Workouts
Toning your lower body with kettle bell