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not me, we!
three different pictures with some writing on the wall and one has a blackboard in it
Transformez tout et n'importe quoi grâce à de la peinture ardoise - Moving Tahiti
Slices of tree trunk, painted with black- board paint = home made chalk boards!
a bunch of framed pictures hanging on the wall
The string drop cluster hang. This would look great taller and installed in a stairwell.
a white table topped with a vase filled with flowers next to pictures on the wall
Parijs is stapelgek op laagjes
Aparte manier om lijstjes op te hangen
there are many different frames hanging on the wall with magnets attached to each one
Leuke wandversiering #Byzenz
a roll of brown paper sitting on top of a metal shelf next to a wall
More Fabulous Farmhouse IKEA Hacks - Page 6 of 9 - The Cottage Market
Every CRAFT ROOM needs a Kraft Paper Dispenser! There are so many uses for Kraft Paper and having it at your disposal at all times if fabulous! A Little Bit OCD purged all of her wrapping paper and is now using only Kraft Paper (brilliant) #ikeacraftroom #iloveikea #ikea
a woman laying on a bed in front of paper mountains and trees that look like clouds
The Border between dreams and reality
Whimsical Dreamworlds Created by Cardboard by Carolin Wanitzek
a woman standing next to a giant piece of paper
Home Decor
Wall Decor Idea - Install A Paper Roll Holder To Create A Fun Place To Write Lists Or Let Kids Draw
two pictures of the same room with different lighting fixtures
5 Things That Are HOT On Pinterest This Week
Этот современный магазин шоколада и дизайн кафе с двумя уровнями, стены с капающей темный шоколад и белый подвесные светильники, представляющие 'молоко'.
a window display with an orange and pink design
eyeAm viewOnRetail
viewOnRetail in Antwerp: Nike
two metal buckets filled with pastries on top of a white counter next to a wooden bag
glanerie moderne
Avec de la place dans une cuisine, j’y verrai bien un sceau vissé au mur pour ranger le torchons propres toujours à portée de mainR...
an assortment of purses and handbags displayed in a display case on a wall
Louis Vuitton Window Display :: Box of Chocolates
(A través de CASA REINAL) >>>>> The only thing better than a box of chocolates...
a window display with shoes and purses in front of a woman's reflection
Millington Associates.
Clever window display that looks hand drawn; uses paper cut-out silhouette | Clarks | Autumn/Winter, 2013 by Millington Associates | #windowdisplay #visualmerchandising
an image of a kitchen with the words wall mounted krat paper roll to keep temporary notes for added note space, paint a chalkboard
Kitchen Roll-Top Butcher Shop Paper Message Board
Kitchen Roll-Top Butcher Shop Paper Message Board