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a red flower on a white background
Les Fleurs by Louise Bourgeois on artnet Auctions
many different types of red and white art work
Louise Bourgeois et le rouge - Inspiration pour Valérie Barkowski
three red sticks sticking out of the water in front of a white background with pink ink
a drawing of a blue flower on a white background
Le Procrastinateur
tremendousandsonorouswords: “Louise Bourgeois, Untitled, plate 1 of 10 / Untitled, plate 2 of 10, from Homely Girl, A Life, volume I, 1992 ”
an abstract painting with blue and white swirls in the shape of a spiral on a white background
Drawings 1947-2007 - Louise Bourgeois - Hauser & Wirth
a woman sitting at a table with a quilt on it
Louise Bourgeois #3
a drawing of a red ball on white paper
Louise Bourgeois. Untitled. 2002 | MoMA
Louise Bourgeois. Untitled. 2002
two red faces are shown side by side, one is painted white and the other is drawn red
Arthur.io • A Digital Museum
The Conversation by Louise Bourgeois
a drawing with red and blue lines on it, in the middle of an ocean
Louise Bourgeois, Insomnia Drawing # 53
a red piece of wire on a white surface with the word's name written in it
Louise Bourgeois | Crochet I (1998) | Available for Sale | Artsy
two red hands reaching for each other
Louise Bourgeois. Hands. 2002-2003 | MoMA
a piece of cloth with dots on it and a blue strip in the middle that says,
Feeling inspired – Louise Bourgeois – Blog
Louise Bourgeois
two pictures of hands reaching for each other
Louise Bourgeois – Art Blart _ art and cultural memory archive
Louise Bourgeois. 'TEN AM IS WHEN YOU COME TO ME' (detail) 2006
a red and white painting with lots of small dots on the bottom half of it
an image of a red and blue circle with white lines on it's surface
Louise Bourgeois: The Fabric Works.
Louise Bourgeois fabric piece