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a colorful quilt with leaves on it
a drawing of a vase and fruit on a table next to a painting with green leaves
an art project is shown with many different colors and patterns on it, including trees
a drawing of a tree with many different colors and patterns on it's trunk
a drawing of a tree with its roots in the ground and some water on it
This piece shows variety by combining 12 different styles/design elements to create one portrayal of a tree.
a drawing of a flower in the shape of a ball
���� #200 - �������. ������� ������. - Vladikana / Фото #156 - Витражи. Шаблоны Узоров. - Vladikana
a black and white image of flowers in a circle
Free Flower Stained Glass Patterns - Free Patterns for Stained Glass
a boat floating in the ocean at sunset with waves and sun on it's horizon
a black and white drawing of a person sitting on the ground
Pin by Sheila Worrall on crafts | Stained glass art, Stained glass designs, Glass art