Inspiração Jorge Bischoff - Coleção-cápsula Luminosité - "Task 2 This shows movement and balance with the turquoise stones".

Could I use seed beads as mosaic? Turquoise stones photo by Chantal de Bruijne ©


Autumn Leaf Lights (This is a nice fall wallpaper)


Sunset with my sister in Koh Tao today. by rockkhound

Nuvole di panna

Sfondi iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s

Images of White Wallpapers For Mobile SC

Lost in myself

as the Wind blew apart se call your name every single time

Jean-Baptiste Sinniger ©

Let’s submerge Water, 2013 - Jean-Baptiste Sinniger — Journal

I like this

Iridescent purple green holographic liquid-like effect


P John Burden’s Art that Captures the Spirits of Nature purely beautiful my next cover photo . so expressive

Teniamo quello che vale la pena di tenere e poi, con il fiato della gentilezza, soffiamo via il...

Rapberries ~ Dark - Just one of the most Magnificat Color combinations.

Il colore e' poesia dell'anima

UNDER THE SEA Beauty in "Sea Glass". I want to wear just this one color forever.kidding-still gorgeous, though.

The Height of Color by Laura Robles on 500px

Fall season - The Height of Color by Laura Robles on

escamitaz *0*

Detail of a bronze Petal Water Wall background art mermaid


Aqua and Turquoise Blue Tile Roof, Guangzhou, China


I think this photo looks like januz miralles' work but gives a more realistic feel. I think it is interresting how this could be interpreted as smoke or a cloud giving two very different impressions of emotion.

Pasquali 2

Shades of Emerald Green in peacock feathers - design inspiration