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I wish I were a girl again, half savage and hardy, and free.
a young man wearing a vest and white shirt is standing in a dark room with his hands on his hips
timothée chamalet
a young man standing next to an older woman wearing a vest and holding a cell phone
How Old Are All The Titular Little Women?
a young man in a suit and tie looking at his cell phone while standing outside
💜FirePuma142 💜
two people standing next to each other in a field
Timothée Chalamet | POPSUGAR Celebrity
two people sitting in the grass with one person wearing a hat and scarf on his head
‘Little Women’ is Here to Remind Us to Go After What We Want
a group of people posing for a photo
Little women + Laurie
a man in a suit and tie sitting on the ground with his feet up while writing
two people standing in a field with trees and grass behind them, one person wearing a bow tie
Little Women Laurie and Jo
the princess and the frog movie scene with text that reads, i've loved you since
‘Little Women’ Reminds Us That We Should All Fight For Our Dreams
two people in period clothing standing next to each other, one pointing at another person's hand
Little Women (2019)
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