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Paps) Drummer Ashton Irwin just got rushed to the Los Angeles hospital after a suicide attempt. More on this story as it develops


Aaaaghhhhh DERP smile I think. He is like over powering his smile>> i love this bc my friends always get me laughing and i look so dumb but this makes me feel better lol


Hey I'm Ashton Irwin! I'm 19 and single! I'm addicted to cuddles! I'm the drummer for the band 5 Seconds Of Summer! And I'm an angel as you can see" -Ash

your number one source for all things related to the band 5 seconds of summer.

So beautiful. I just wanna hug him and just stare at him intensely. His smile is just breath taking. UGAAIAKW HE IS JUST SO GOSH DARN BEAUTIFUL

This is the face of an amazing human, who I loved and saved me and many others. I know her won't read this but thanks Ashton I love you

Dear god, please tell me... How can one be so beautiful?

[ open with mr. irwin ] i had stayed after school to grade papers. it was about when i finished and i walk out. i see you sitting outside school and i say "need a ride?