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Shawn Mendes

"Shawn is going on tour with Austin omfg! So proud of him but kinda sad cause his gonna get so famous, he better not leave magcon" what do you guys think about little shawny getting big


Paisley Dallas a 15 year old girl gets invited to Magcon by her older brother Cameron During Magcon she becomes best friends with Shawn Mendes but what happen.

Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky

Jack Johnson an Jack Gilinsky (Jack&Jack) I love their songs/raps! They are the perfect duo with Jack G's smooth singing and Jack J's fast rapping!

Teen Tuesday - All About MAGCON! ^

Mahogany Cheyenne Gordy(Mahogany Hayes don't know Carter McCoy Shawn Peter Raul Matthew Lee Cameron Alexander Jack Finnegan Jack Edward Aaron Brayden Taylor Michael