"Rotunda" by Citylaboratory
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Elemental garden, based on an atmospheric and poetic perception of materials, light, plants and the passing of time. It is a reflection on the fundamental themes of the art of the garden
"Rotunda", by Citylaboratory, Quebec, 2013 #rotunda

Each year, the International Garden Festival at the Jardins de Métis sees the arrival of wildly inventive landscape works in Grand-Métis, Quebec.

"Rotunda", by Citylaboratory, Quebec, 2013 #rotunda

2014 - The Rotunda / Reflective dish of water to be installed at International Garden Festival in Quebec - Festival Les Jardins de Métis / Citylaboratory

"Rotunda", by Citylaboratory, Quebec, 2013 #rotunda

ROTUNDA by Citylaboratory [Aurora Armental Ruiz, Stefano Ciurlo Walker] from Santiago de Compostela, Spain.