Albero della vita

70 tatuaggi per le mamme che vogliono esprimere l'amore per i loro figli

My mother daughter tattoo. We both got this with the leaves coloring being our kids birthstone colors [ "Mom / fam / daughter/ with leaves being our & kids birthstone colors. Add more speciality!", "Tree of life tattoo with child. Would change to two kids

watercolor cat tattoo

In the age-old debate of cat versus dog, if you consider yourself a cat person through and through, this watercolor-style cat tattoo done at the New Tattoo Studio in Beijing, China, is a unique and artistic way to show suppor

Cat Outline Tattoo Designs

Winged cats trio - tattoo design by =AlviaAlcedo on deviantART I want a winged cat tattoo on my belly to remember my lost baby. His / her initials would have been CAT and the wings carried him to heaven.

By the light of the silvery moon...

By the light of the silvery moon...