Yoga is harder than it looks, artist illustrates the expectation and reality in comic

Harder than it looks ilym* Ok I got this. That's why it's harder on some positions, still necessary to build muscles though, I can offer a small percentage of my focus a meditative guidance.

Love is...

Love is...

So cute!♥ The part where his heart broke when the girl started crying because he got mad at her was just too much for me . so sad and cute at the same time<<<I love it how there are bad sides too. Because love lasts through them

Alla fine si diventa stronzi per restare in società ..........................At the end we become assholes to remain in society

Alla fine si vive sulla difensiva a causa degli stronzi . Translation And at the end we live defensively for the assholes

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Choosing the right wish for the right beloved person of yours will make them smile. A truly funny moment is a real gift in our everyday lives.


The Most Unflattering Animal Pictures # expression animal lion rabbit giraffe eagle owl fox horse hippopotamus frog goat cameleon cat otter lama bear dog hamster. me in multiple animal form.