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Come learn how to be a responsible stoner parent, because if anyone needs to get stoned it's your Mom.

12.7k Likes, 35 Comments - Matt Bailey (@baileyillustration) on Instagram: “She Loved Me and I Did Too.”

Creds to matt bailey 💖 *CH: anything for daddy. What are you willing to do to show mummy and daddy you deserve to come home? We don't desire the weak or the meek. No room in eternity for you tiny bb's.


Check out these awesome macabre style ink illustrations by Shawn Cross. You may already be familiar with Cross’s previous works that include Mental Illness and Disorders and 7 Deadly Sins. The creepy zodiac portraits are the latest series by Cross.

Not so much the phone but the rest are spot on

So, I don't have social anxiety, but I do get very uncomfortable and scared in situations with people that I'm not comfortable with. I only have a few people that I feel comfortable with. Everything on this list applies to me.