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Meridiano è una lampada da esterno dove la funzionalità si moltiplica, la materia e la luce si fondono in un unico corpo. Meridiano può essere utilizzata come tavolo da esterno di giorno e lampada da esterno di notte. Progettata da Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal. Disponibile in tre colori: kaki, verde e bianco rotto.
Bright Woods Collection-01
Bright Woods Collection-13

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Bud Latven  nació en Philadelphia, Pennsylvania el 25 de abril de 1949. Después de servir en el ejército ( 1967 - 1970 ) y algunos...
Turned Wood Eggs This is an absolutely gorgeous piece! Share your woodturning pieces with us at and also follow us on Instagram @novawoodworking
The walnut version of Michal Verheyden's 'Coupe' (When Objects Work) photographed by Tim Van de Velde.
Mesquite Swirls J Paul Fennell 2008    Size   H: 9.5 in  W: 8.5 in   Sold - May 1, 2008 Wood: Mesquite. Turned, carved "ribbons" attached at top and bottom only.
Handmade Wooden Egg Sculpture made of Maple Wood by Colemancrafts
This Ash vessel was sanded then the open grain was burned, then the piece was dyed. Beautiful!
Manchester, England’s Sarah Thirlwell combines her talent in traditional wood turning (FSC certified wood mind you) with sourcing and integrating recycled and reclaimed materials such as yogurt containers, vending cups and reclaimed acrylic to make vessels, vases, jewelry and larger scale installations.
Alcarol traps natural materials in resin to form furniture collection
William Hunter - Padouk Blossom - burlwood
New Emperor Tamo ash, dyes, resin 21" x 23"