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Recently, I’ve been very fond of oversized coats and started to wear them practically with everything from heels and boots to sneakers and slip-ons.

Lunches, Meals, Lunch Meals

The inspiration behind this playful look was the furry pom pom ice cream shirt made by russian brand Vasil Double Dress.

Today`s focus is on the ballerina handmade skirt by Elendenlendressmaker a total smooth fit – I`m absolutely besotted with it.

Coffee Story at Jean Jaques.

Catching spring in Moscow


Black Tights, Denim Shirts, Blazer Dress, White Sneakers, Blazers, Black Stockings, Black Pantyhose, Blue Jean Shirts, Sports Jacket

Better than a coat can be only a striped coat

Better than a coat can be only a striped coat


Striped Button-Up Shirt + Loose-Fitting High-Waisted Jean Shorts - Sophisticated Cream Dress

Look of the day

My previous post was all about coffee and croissants but let’s talk about the outfit I have chosen.

Creative Purple Layers

Let me introduce you then Patriarch Ponds – a remarkable garden i…

Creative Purple Layers (Part II)

Instead if you are looking for a sinful food-porn photo session Scrambled Café, an american style breakfast joint, is the place you wanna go for. Been there once and literally scoffed their waffles…

Via Margutta

Everyone loves Rome. There is something priceless we may have here, something unusual that no one can take away from us. Been here once and you can’t help but come back to stroll over and ove…

Dedicatecd to the Eternal City

I fell in love with Rome 5 years ago…it’s been growing on me ever since… I can’t have enough of strolling that maze of cobblestones, immersed in its unique atmosphere.