An Arctic cruise aboard Icebreaker Sampo in Kemi, Finland! Would you swim in the frozen sea?

A night to remember in Kemi, Finnish Lapland - dinner and an overnight stay in Lumi Linna, the snow hotel!

A wonderful winter stay in Salla Finland, a beautiful village north of the Arctic Circle, with lots of things to see and fun winter activities.

Photograph by @mattiasklumofficial A female polar bear with one of her cubs standing in front of the Nordenskiöld breen, Svalbard, Norway. Go to @mattiasklumofficial to see this relaxed female nursing her cubs right in front of me! Mother polar bears teach their cubs when and where to get on and off the ice, where to travel safely, and very importantly, how to hunt successfully. I took this photograph right after the female had nursed her cubs. #svalbard #polar #polarbears #arctic…

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