10 Color Pens

10 Color Pens - These were awesome! So many ink color choices all in one pen!

lisa frank pencils #90s

lisa frank pencils With the erasers you never wanted to use cuz it would mess them up LOL.man, I had a whole collection of Lisa Frank!

Stretchy comb headbands I never did figure out how to wear these

Stretch Comb Headbands i have a really smooth hair and i never was able to use em :(


Loved these things! Am The Mill: Toys Revisited - Volume 3 - The Koosh Ball

Michael Jackson--He was so beautiful before he went nuts.

I loved thriller.i actually had my mom make me paper dolls for his girlfriend and her different outfits. absolutely loved it! am obsessed w/ beautiful smiles. his smile particularly; but pretty much any guy w/ an amazing smile is awesome.

Quanti ne ho scritti!

Ne ricevetti uno alle elementari per il mio compleanno

o o o occhi di gatto o o o occhi di gatto...great cartoon and great song

o o o occhi di gatto o o o occhi di gatto.great cartoon and great song


Poochie, I named our family dog, poochie. The name carried through and we had Poochie 1 and Poochie 2