Eleonora Conti

Eleonora Conti

Eleonora Conti
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Carlo Torrighelli's slogan

Milano curiosa: C.

Robot Peluche

Robot Monster, a 1953 B movie that is on many "worst movie of all times" lists. As the film opens, the evil alien Ro-Man has seemingly destroyed all human life on Earth with a "Calcinator Death Ray," except for eight humans still alive.

Sounds Tin

The robot Elektro “conducting” a woman playing bass at the 1939 World’s Fair, New York City

Nam June Paik, Robot n. 3 Maria Callas (1995)

Nam June Paik, Maria Callas, Monitor e oggetti vari.

SetUp Art Fair. Nuovi sistemi per l'arte emergente

Nuovi sistemi per l'arte emergente