Elenalucia Maggioletti

Elenalucia Maggioletti

Altre idee da Elenalucia

3 Stacking Rings: Minimal, architectural, elegant every day rings in bronze.

wow. love this henna. Although wouldnt have this much on the feet.

Earrings handcrafted by the Hmong in the Western provinces, using Miao silver (Silver and White Brass). Hmong (Miao) | Wearing ferocious looking gargoyles like these is believed to protect the wearer from harm.

The stamp...www.halter-ethnic.com...see "My Lucky Finds"

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Africa | Enamel on Sterling Silver Fibula Cloak Pin from Morocco | ca. 1970s | 168$

Necklace | Hector Aguilar. "Maguey". Sterling silver

Copper ring, with spirals. Anello in rame con spirali.