The Macchiaioli were a group of Italian painters active in Tuscany in the second half of the nineteenth century, who, breaking with the antiquated conventions taught by the Italian academies of art, did much of their painting outdoors in order to capture natural light, shade, and colour. This practice relates the Macchiaioli to the French Impressionists who came to prominence a few years later, although the Macchiaioli pursued somewhat different purposes.
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Silvestro Lega  Il canto di uno stornello -1867  Palazzo Pitti, Firenze

Silvestro Lega - Il canto dello stornello - 1867 - Firenze -Galleria D’Arte Moderna

Telemaco Signorini, Via Torta, ca. 1870 - MACCHIAIOLO - The movement grew from a small group of artists, many of whom had been revolutionaries in the uprisings of 1848. In the late 1850s, the artists met regularly at the Caffè Michelangiolo in Florence to discuss art and politics. These idealistic young men, dissatisfied with the art of the academies, shared a wish to reinvigorate Italian art by emulating the bold tonal structure they admired in such old masters as Rembrandt, Caravaggio ...

Via Torta, Firenze, 1870 circa - Telemaco Signorini - Te La Do Io Firenze !

Silvestro Lega  In attesa, 1894  olio su tela, 37 x 35 cm

In attesa Silvestro Lega (Italian, Oil on canvas. Of all the Macchiaioli, Lega is light’s voluptuary. When he paints a woman, book in hand as if reading, staring into a mirror.

Vito d'Ancona, Lady in white, oil on canvas, Modern art gallery of Milano- MACCHIAIOLO - Although the Macchiaioli have often been compared to the Impressionists, they did not go as far as their younger French contemporaries in the pursuit of optical effects.

Macchiaioli - Vito d'Ancona, Lady in white, oil on canvas, Modern art gallery of Milano.

Silvestro Lega  Villa Bandini al Gabbro

Silvestro Lega Villa Bandini al Gabbro

Telemaco Signorini - MACCHIAIOLO - The Macchiaioli found inspiration also in the paintings of their French contemporaries of the Barbizon school.

On the Hills to Settignano, by Telemaco Signorini, oil painting, 14 x Private collection.

Giovanni Boldini - Portrait of Madame Juillard In Red

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