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Albero di Natale fai da te


albero di natale fai da te


albero di natale ecologico

Stuffed Alligator Pastry


Stuffed Alligator Pastry

I'm a big fan of this breakdown on Santa. I appreciated the idea behind Santa as a child, but this letter from a child's parents just smashes the nail on the head for me. I dislike the idea of "robbing" the magic of Christmas from my children with "the truth", but with a message like this I don't feel as though I have to anymore. Awesome.

"Mom, How Can Santa Be Real?" The Truth About Santa

With this letter as a parenting tool, I am relieved of the worry that in telling my daughters the truth that a special piece of their childhood will be forever lost, but rather, I now feel they will be given a gift that will help them keep the magic of Santa in their hearts forever regardless of the season.

When it comes to the Holidays, we obviously want to include our pets. Whether it’s giving them their own stocking above the fireplace, Christmas presents under the tree, or just showing them how much you care, we want our pets …

Decorazione gelato da passeggio al cioccolato per albero di Natale


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Albero di natale ecologico