I dyed my hair blue!!!

I dyed my hair blue. Lagoon blue to be exact.

Daisy daydreams// elisabethfleur.blogspot.com

Stand in a field of flowers in a summer dress and feel the earth beneath your feet


The other day I decided, after a sleepless night, to get up and see the sun rise. I jumped into my onesie(don't judge it's really comfy), p.

My jelly babies

Wednesday, while I was in the middle of my 24 hour biology exam, these came for me. The timing couldn't have been more perfect.

A loooong list of the books I'm currently reading

A cup of tea, a good book, and a cozy corner filled with pillows and blankets makes soul quite happy. 22 Things Anyone Who Loves the Rain Will Understand

Today I have twenty years

In Spanish you don't say 'I am twenty years old', instead you say 'I have twenty years'. Today I have twenty years. Twenty years of .


Felt a bit creative today. Therefore I decided to transform some things I just had lying around into something I can actually use.

Thrift store: yes please!

I loooooove thrift shopping. It is just so satisfactory to find clothes for almost no money. Find # a lilac scarf perfect for altern.

It's an outfit - outfit of the dayyyy

A year ago this t-shirt was bought in Barcelona.I rediscovered it during a clean up in m.


This sweet puppy has just joined our family. I have never been a dog person - but I already love her!

On my bookshelf

I love to read. Therefore I thought I might show you my bookshelf. Since my year as an exchange student in Idaho I have really.