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This vertical Italian wine and spirits poster features a woman in a red dress holding a bottle of chianti in one arm and a box in the other. The beautiful Vintage Poster Reproduction from our catalogue of 1400 classic posters.

Mandarinetto, Isolabella poster

Mandarinetto, Isolabella

Mandarinetto, Isolabella Poster created by WonderfulGift. Order as shown, or change the print size or paper type & add custom framing.

Lucid Absinthe Supérieure - black cat poster

Lucid Absinthe is an American product, which started production in 2006 and is distilled by Viridian Spirits in Manhasset, New York

Eptinger advertising poster created in the 1940s as a colour lithograph | Design by Herbert Leupin in Zurich

Eptinger by Herbert Leupin

Eptinger Advertisement poster by Herbert Leupin. Created in the in Zurich by Wolfsberg-Druck as a color lithograph at x cm.