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1957 Velocette LE 200

The Velocette LE was the result of 20 years of development with the focus being on ease of use, quietness, weather protection, simple controls, economy and reliability.

1964 Velocette Vogue 192cc Side-Valve Flat Twin engine

Velocette Motorcycles were well-engineered British singles. Model-by-Model breakdown w/eye-popping Pictures, Specs, History & more.

Ariel Leader - the cutest two stroke motorcycle ever?

The Ariel Leader is a funky, flashy, fun-packed colourful two-stroke British classic for modern hipsters.

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1953 Carniti 187

1953 Carniti Horizontal Three-Cylinder Air-Cooled Two-Stroke Twin-shaft Rubber Wheel Rim Roller Final Drive to Rear Wheel (This Machine did not reach Production)