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Sweet art

Fintan Magee and Matt Adnate,The All-Star Australian duo drops a fantastic piece featuring an interesting opposition between both artists' styles. If you stop by "The Harbour City" and wanna check this one out, head over to Mays Lane, Sydney.


Street Art: A really interesting urban John Lennon Imagine mural. This graffiti appears to be fused to the wall creating a modern work of art while decorating a barren wall. We particularly enjoy uplifting and artistic expression.

I've never been to an exhibit like  Ann Hamiltons:  the event of a thread before that had inspired me to no end. So one day I brought my parents and a camera and documented my experience.    Music / Sufjan Stevens - Redford ( for Yia -Yia and Pappou)

The Event of a Thread: Anne Hamilton’s Groundbreaking Installation Filmed and Photographed by Paul Octavious