Eduardo Tommasino

Eduardo Tommasino

Medico Veterinario
Eduardo Tommasino
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Cable spool tables - fantastic for the garden or conservatory

How about this wooden beauty? It has got the prettiest shape so far. All the circular wooden top of the spools are used in recycling this wooden beauty. A whole round spool top cut into four pieces is installed on the base of the table.

Long wanted a rocking chair. Made of repurposed pallets and plywood.

For the manufacture of a rocking chair using two pallets, plywood 21 mm, oil wax coating. I first cut the pallet in the desired size, then the board has prepared the second pallet for manufacturing back.I mark the plywood and…

Fiat 500 Cinquecento  #TuscanyAgriturismoGiratola

After the first purchase of a Fiat, Fiat wants to continue to build loyalty with the consumer and hopes that the consumer becomes a vocal participant in the marketplace. Outlets for Fiat owners to express their affinity include car clubs and merchandise.