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Everything that have and possess are merely things that we rely on for a little while. If we understand it like this, we know the nature of all conditioned things. Then although we have something, it is as if we did not have anything. Getting is the same as losing. Losing is the same as getting. - Ajahn Chah P.s. simple quest for everyone) Why did Bill die?

Tenax Vitae (reproduction–originally by Rinaldo Carnielo during the Century and lost during WWII) - sculpture of a man with death on his back

Sleep tight. Don't let the monsters bite.

Act Scene 2 MACBETH: But let the frame of things disjoint, both the worlds suffer, Ere we will eat our meal in fear and sleep In the affliction of these terrible dreams That shake us nightly.


Artwork winged skeleton kisses dead man called Beyond the Grave.This astonishing sculpture forms part of Barcelona’s Poblenou Cemetery. The Kiss of Death (El Petó de la Mort in Catalan and El beso de la muerte in Spanish) dates back to (via

Creepy Deaths

The photos were taken from the ‘Photographic Atlas of Forensic Medicine “edited by Weimann & Prokopp, from Germany in the late Supposedly the mother was a poor criminal of some sorts, she found out she was pregnant again, so killed her existing children.