Bosjes Chapel / Steyn Studio

Bosjes Chapel / Steyn Studio

This wonderful church, located in Breederiver Valley, Witzenberg Municipality, South Africa, was designed by Steyn Studio in

_In that distant summer tranquil, warm sunshine. John Utzon, the architect, silently sitting on the chair, engrossed in his already mythical Pedro harbor from the house of an ongoing project. Master Inside, the exquisite beauty of the sea and the sky o...

Bagsvaerd Church designed by Jørn Utzon was completed in The project is characterized by a white curved concrete roof that modulates the interior lighting.

Bernardo Bader, Adolf Bereuter · Kapelle Salgenreute

Image 1 of 22 from gallery of Kapelle Salgenreute & Bernardo Bader Architekten. Courtesy of Bernardo Bader Architekten

Espen Surnevik, Arkitekturfotograf Rasmus Norlander · About Våler Church · Divisare

espen surnevik new valer church hedmark norway designboom

Percy Thomas Partnership, Nick Rochowski · Clifton Cathedral

Brutalist I by Nick Rochowski Series of 10 - 2010 162 x 123 cm Lambda C-type print, edition of 5 86 x 63 cm Lambda C-type print, edition of 10 Clifton Cathedral, Bristol - Percy Thomas.


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