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I did it again! Relisted for sale - completely new! Arianrhod the Celtic moon goddess beautiful by YANKAcreations

Beautiful pyrography artwork depicting Celtic moon goddess Arianrhod with owl on her hand among delicate flowers and celtic ornamental decorations. Image was taken from Dover publications coloring boo

THE DAGDA (Dagda Mór, Daghda, Dagdae, Daghdha) was perhaps the greatest of the gods, given that his name seems to have meant the "Good God". The old Irish tract called "The Choice of Names" tells us that he was a god of the earth; he had a cauldron called "The Undry", in which everyone found food in proportion to his merits, and from which none went away unsatisfied. He also had a living harp; as he played upon it, the seasons came in their order.

Brigid's father and God of Imbolc. Provider and Protector, carrying His cauldron "The Undry" from which all were fed and non unsatisfied.

Lo sciamano nero indossava un copricapo con pesanti corna d'alce ed il suo compito era discendere nei reami inferiori. - MEET MYTHS -

Tuatha Dé Danann, by Maÿon. In Irish-Celtic mythology, the Tuatha Dé Danann are the Irish race of gods, founded by the goddess Danu.