Elasticity,-1916, Umberto Boccioni (Italian Futurist Artist)

Elasticity – Umberto Boccioni – Oil Painting Reproductions and Prints from Canvas Replicas

Girl with a bow. Felice Casorati (December 4, 1883 – March 1, 1963) was an Italian painter, sculptor, and printmaker. The paintings for which he is most noted include figure compositions, portraits and still lifes, which are often distinguished by unusual perspective effects.

Felice Casorati, Ragazza con scodella (Girl With a Bowl), 1920

Umberto Boccioni

Umberto Boccioni "The Strenghts of a street" 1911 Oil on canvas, Kunstmuseum Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Gare Montparnasse (Giorgio de Chirico)

Gare Montparnasse (Giorgio de Chirico)

Felice Casorati - Reading A Book

Felice Casorati (1883 – 1963, Italian)

Giorgio de Chirico - Strange travelers

Giorgio de Chirico Roman Countryside, 1922 Tempera on canvas

Boccioni, Umberto (1882-1916) - 1912 Still Life: Glass and Siphon (Yale University Art Gallery, USA)

Glass and Syphon - Umberto Boccioni 1913 Place of Creation: Milan, Italy Style: Cubism

Umberto Boccioni

Umberto Boccioni "Riot in the Galleria" 1909 Oil on canvas, Pinacoteca di Brera…

Felice Casorati ~ (1886-1963)

Vocation 1939 by Felice Casorati (December 1883 – March This kind of vocation seems humilating to me.