Vegetal shapes and colors

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a small potted plant with lots of green leaves on it's top and bottom
Allplants - piante grasse e dintorni
Aloinopsis malherbei
small pink and white flowers with green leaves
Sedum spathulifolium 'Purpureum'
Sedum spathulifolium 'Purpureum' | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Native Sons Wholesale Nursery, Inc. Photographer: Melissa G. Gorman
several succulents are growing on the rocks
Which succulent plants do you like best for your house in 2016 New Year? - Fashion Blog
☆succulent-------great xeriscape plants; perfect drought-resistant specimens for our desert regions, and the varieties are endless.
two pictures of yellow flowers growing out of rocks in a pot with gravel on the ground
どう見ても石にしか見えない植物…「魔玉」と呼ばれる観葉植物がこちら : らばQ
a close up of a flower in the grass
Beautiful Flowers on Twitter
Bromeliads | Succulents
small pink flowers are in a brown vase
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a close up of a plant on the ground
Sedum Hispanicum
small red plants growing out of the ground next to a piece of wooden spoon on gravel
Sedum 'Sunsparkler® Cherry Tart’ features vivid pink flower clusters and cherry red leaves. Blooms appear from summer into early autumn. Brighten up the border, containers or rock gardens with this eye-catching variety. Like all Sedums, it thrives on neglect and shows its best color when grown dry and in full sun. Growing 4-6 inches in height, it grows well in zones 4-9. This is a new plant for 2014.
small purple plant with white flowers in gravel
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Lithops Optica 'Rubra'
some very pretty blue and green plants together
Bandit Kids art inspo || blue green succulent || colour, texture, layer, design, collect, interior, foliage, plant, flowers, botanical, typography, graphic design, illustration, mixed media, print, magazine || @Bandit Kids #banditkids #art
two pictures of green plants and one is showing the same plant in it's own photo
Gorgeous Grow These Stunning Succulents Now ...
Rose-shaped succulent called Greenovia dodrentalis
a red and white flower on a green background
FLOWEROUND - certainly, for you.
Parrot tulip. During the 17th century in Holland, a tulip bulb that would produce a variegated flower would sell at auction for incredible prices. #tulipmania