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the sun shines through an open door into a room with stone flooring and benches
Owls & Elderberries
Kyoto, Japan. Photography by Beth Kirby
a person sitting on a bench under a red tree
南禅寺天授庵 | by かがみ~
a rock with a small house on it in front of some colorful trees and leaves
Jeffrey Friedl's Blog » More Japanese-Garden Desktop Backgrounds from Kyoto’s Enkoji Temple
Garden of Enko-ji temple, Kyoto, Japan - Copyright 2013 Jeffrey Friedl
a garden with stepping stones in the water
Zen Garden Path on the pond
a small shed in the middle of a field with sheep grazing around it at night
ポール・スミスが求めた休息小屋「Paul’s Shed」
ポールスミスの休息小屋 もっと見る
black and white photograph of fog in the mountains with trees on either side, as seen from above
a japanese garden with rocks and gravel in the foreground, surrounded by green trees
Chan e Zen: gli originali sviluppi del buddhismo in estremo oriente <
Zen garden,Kyoto
a japanese garden shower curtain with waterfall and rocks in the foreground, surrounded by colorful trees
This streams in to the coy pand (on another pic) Close by there is a big Cherry Blossom where Sakura often comes to sing and sit
a wooden walkway leading to a lush green forest
To dusk. by Tom go / 500px
Kyoto, Japan | by Tom go on 500px
a japanese garden with rocks and trees in the foreground, near a small building
The Kimono Gallery
Raked gravel, large flat stones in traditional Japanese Architecture
a stone path in the middle of a forest
Japanese garden
a pond surrounded by trees and rocks with a quote written on the bottom that says, take a deep breath it calms the mind
Portland japanese garden~ Been there, oh so lovely
the view from inside a circular window into a forest with moss covered trees and water
moss garden chair project
Kyoto Moss Garden Saihō-ji (Koke-dera) 西芳寺 (苔寺) http://www.japanesegardens.jp/gardens/famous/000001.php
two vases sitting on top of a wooden table in a room with dark walls
▷ Decoración Wabi Sabi. Descubre la belleza de esta estética japonesa.
In Zen there are seven aesthetic principles for achieving Wabi-Sabi: Fukinsei: asymmetry, irregularity; Kanso: simplicity; Koko: basic, weathered; Shizen: without pretense, natural; Yugen: subtly profound grace, not obvious; Datsuzoku: unbounded by convention, free; Seijaku: tranquility.
an empty room with wooden floors and white walls
"Coexistence" between a husband and his Japanese wife. "Middle way."
two teapots sitting on top of a wooden box in front of a window
A traditional long firebox ("Naga Hibachi"). In Japanese, a "Hibachi" refers to a wooden box that's used to burn charcoal as a heat source to keep warm. You may think that a Hibachi is a flat iron grill used for cooking. That is called a "Teppan"
Japanese paper sliding door, Fusuma 襖 Japanese Decor Bedroom, Japanese Home Decor, Japanese Decor, Japanese Screen, Traditional Japanese Home
Japanese traditional style house interior design / 和風建築(わふうけんちく)
Japanese paper sliding door, Fusuma 襖
an old pipe sticking out of the ground into a small hole with water in it
Asahi Villa Museum - Oyamazaki
Asahi Villa Museum - Oyamazaki | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
the inside of a building with a large circular painting on it's front wall
Circular window of Meigetsuin Temple in Kamakura(Japan)
Japanese interior #interior #japan
Japanese interior #interior #japan Home Interior Design, Interior Design, Home Décor, Interieur, Home Design
Japanese interior #interior #japan
West Bridge, Cherry blossoms, Hirosaki Castle, Japan Aomori, Japanese Culture, Japanese, All About Japan, Turning Japanese, Japan Aesthetic, Go To Japan
West Bridge
West Bridge, Cherry blossoms, Hirosaki Castle, Japan
an outside view of a building with trees in the background and rocks on the ground
Japanese residence
Japanese room, Washitsu 和室 clean lines, simplicity and symmetrical balance
How To Add Japanese Style To Your Home
Japanese room, Washitsu 和室 clean lines, simplicity and symmetrical balance
a potted plant sitting on the side of a building next to a small pond
縁側 Japanese house
a tree house in the middle of some trees with pink flowers on them and a bench
Take a Look at the Most Amazing Trees in the World
Teahouse Tetsu (Yamanashi, Japan)