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two birds sitting on top of a branch with hearts in the sky behind them and an inscription
an old key is attached to a piece of paper that says, no sono piu quela diferi
Frasi Sulla Vita Alda Merini
a woman standing in the middle of a forest with her back to the camera, looking at
flowers with the sun setting in the background and an italian quote above it that reads, la salute no vie sempre dalla medicala
a woman standing on top of a boat in the ocean with her back to the camera
Fabio Scandolari - Immagini
Fabio ScaNdoLari - Immagini: Fabio Scandolari - Immagini
an older woman with white hair standing in front of the ocean and looking up into the sky
a woman reading a book next to a tree with red leaves on it and the words in spanish above her
a chair with books on it in front of a window
an open book with flowers on top of it and the words in spanish above it
a pink rose sitting on top of a blue ocean
Frasi di Alda Merini
Frasi di Alda Merini | Ritina80
a blue flower with the words in spanish