Tas met bloemen.

Kids to make for Gramdparents' Day or Mother's Day? LOVE this handmade card! How cute would this be for the kids to make create as gifts for our international convention delegates.

лесен модел за изрязване от деца, пиле

I love this little chicken card!this would be a cute project to go with the "Little Red Hen" book. and maybe even use a paper plate to make it. Writing Prompt: "I would or would not help the Little Red Hen because.

Crafty finds for your inspiration! No.5

Vogeltjes kunnen in de tuin tegenwoordig uit kop en schotel eten en drinken/ (Have No Idea What This Says!Thanks Anyway, For The Cute Idea For The Gardens!

Lavoretti Tappi Plastica Tavolozza

- diy artist's paint palette - inspiration only - plastic bottle caps glued to a round plastic container lid -> cut circle / oval for thumb

Lavoretti Tappi Plastica Arcobaleno

I LOVE this Amazing Cap Rainbow made from bottle caps. It's so easy to make recycled kids' crafts, but they look awesome!