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The Arancine Day (13th December)

Every year on 13th December - the feast of Santa Lucia of Syracuse - whole Sicily celebrates the favourite local street food specialities: arancine! EasyTrapani organises cooking classes on the best of Sicilian treats and traditional dishes. And what is a better way to explore the flavours of the island than spending an afternoon making a batch of arancine yourself? Visit our website if you would like to book a cooking workshop for your next visit in Sicily!
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(t-shirt by Arancino or arancina, male or female? In the East of the island, the snack - shaped more like a pear, with a pointy top and a wider bottom - takes on the male form (‘arancino’), whereas in the West (including Trapani!), it is known as a curvy perfectly round female - ‘arancina’. Who is right? Well, let us leave this question unanswered… :)

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Domani 13 Dicembre è l'arancina day. Easy Trapani vi accompagna alla scoperta di questa tradizione culturale e gastronomica. #trapani #easytrapani #trapaning #giannigrillo #escusionigiannigrillo #arancina #arancino #arancinaday #santalucia #cuccia #food #tradizione #slowfood #streetfood #fastfood #picoftheday


Our favourite arancine from Angelino (Trapani)

Arancine recipe:


Although the most traditional fillings include red meat sauce (arancina al ragu) or mozzarella, ham and butter (arancina al burro), there seem to be a never-ending variety of its flavours - from seafood and various cheesy options to pesto, vegetables and even pistachios (famous in Catania)!