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XIII Century "aunlaz" dagger from Bayerisches Armeemuseum in Ingolstadt, Germany


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Ear Dagger

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ballock dagger (1450—1500) - NZD1.00484MTL005 | Below the Surface - The archeological finds of the North/Southline Amsterdam

Kidney Dagger

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Quillion Dagger

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Rondel Dagger

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Left hand dagger, Saxony, 16th century.
17th century Italian stiletto daggers


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Hai defeats the Israelites (detail). a dagger
Title: Goliath (MS Germ.Quart.2020), Page: Folio 89v, Date: 1510-1520


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two different types of knifes are shown in black and white
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a knife that is laying on the ground
Messer im Mittelalter - Pera Peris - Haus der Historie. #knives #handmade #vikingaxe #nordicdesign #vikingstyle #knife #axelover #vikings #damascusknife #hammer #axes Viking Knives, Seax Knife, Knife Party, Knife Patterns, Nordic Vikings, Norse Vikings, Knife Design, Viking Age
Messer im Mittelalter - Pera Peris - Haus der Historie
Messer im Mittelalter - Pera Peris - Haus der Historie
Art, Paris, France, Borders, D Art, Oeuvre D'art, Sculpture, Quick Saves
Dague à rouelles
a large knife sitting on top of a rock next to a pile of rocks and grass
Big dagger by @yotuns_workshop
an old knife is on display in a glass case
Immagine 744
a close up of a metal object on a table
three different types of swords on display in front of a black background with the same design
Big Collection Of Knives And Swords - The Mother of All Nerds
an ornately designed glass candle holder on a black background
A 116
two silver candlesticks are standing next to each other on a black background,
A 116