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pool noodles
Check out the Triple Catamaran Pedal Boat! The catamaran pedal boats are known for speed. From 1-7 mph is what you can expect from this fast pedal boat. For more information or to order, visit this items official page on
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Best way to see the Northern Lights... if only they had this in Iceland. Finland is on the list, just not at the top with Iceland.
It's a tent in the literal sense of the word — its 16oz waterproof cotton canvas skin makes it so — but that doesn't mean you'll be dragging the Luminair Tree Tent (£6500 and up; roughly $10,000) around with you. Instead, think of the structure as a semi-permanent tree house. Thanks to a hybrid aluminum and steam-bent ash frame, the entire tent, including floor and bunks, weighs just 264 lbs., despite being able to handle an additional 550 lbs. of load.
Bivy bag: Loved the one I had with the army, but this is a definite improvement.:
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