Cafe Rust

Patina tank on a Kawasaki cafe racer

Moose + Sketch

love lost photography beauty trippy Black and White suicide beautiful summer birds gorgeous vintage green portrait blue triangle clouds nature colourful ocean sea paint deer Tsunami grass Afraid arts Blue Sky triangles lountains


Hand made Leather iPad carry -- Nice little organizer. lemon leather wedge bag pink bug Sparkly gem-stone stickers for DIY fashion bracelets.

Summer Wheat

theories-of: “ Summer Wheat-Skull, Acrylic and oil on canvas, 72 x 96 inches.

Wooden Straight Bars

Our latest cycle crush is the super stylish the bike was designed by Swedish designer David Qvick. The contemporary bike is aimed at people who consider a bike to be a convenient means of transportation but also value high aesthetical design.

City Body

Davis Ayer - light projection body art - ok, while the picture isn't worship, it gives a good idea (on a white shirt?) for conveying messages about what we reflect to others.

Summer Wheat

Paintings by Summer Wheat.

Good Luck

Good Luck Guidelines: Fear No God Trust No Concept Nothing Is True Everything Is Permitted



many illustration magazines to choose from these days, but how many of them are designed to be used as wrapping paper when you’re finished reading them? Wrap is a beautiful large format magazine bound sans staples with one elastic band.

Herschel Supply

shoes storage for your bag; Novel Duffel Bag by Herschel Supply Co.

USN & Denim

Zippo dee do da

Denim Tops

The Visvim Flynt Lo is a new silhouette from the Japanese label, rocking a mid cut chukka style. We have the sneakers previously, however today we have a l

Stained Flannel

Aspire To Inspire Before You Expire.

Flag Vans

Another cool pair of USA vans

USAF Jacket

USAF Jacket